From Russia, with Love

As has been mentioned in past posts, I am not a remarkable presence on social media. If social media were a two-inch tall cat, I would be like a flake of dander shaken to the floor and forgotten, then run over by a vacuum cleaner and disposed of without any thought from anyone involved.

I don’t say this to illustrate a plight of any sort, or to make anyone feel sorry for me. This time I’m not even writing this to enable myself to say that I’ve written my daily blog post and now I’m done with it until tomorrow.

It’s just that I got so excited because I had gained a follower on Twitter, where I do worse than on any other social media platforms. And I’m okay with that. You know why? Because even though I only have 44 followers, one of them is @JackPendarvis, and the other is @JonathanAmes.

But I digress. I was super-excited to see that I had 45 followers this morning instead of the mere 44 I’ve had for months. But when I clicked the link to my followers to see who the new one was, it was not @BernieSanders ‏ or @thevandykeparks or @IMKristenBell .

No, I found out I was being followed by this:

Imagine being a child of the 80s – someone who grew up during a time when we all thought the cold war wouldn’t end until the Soviets pushed the button and blew up the world – imagine having that in your memory bank and then seeing that you’re being “followed” by Russia Observer.

A Twitter account that has existed for a mere three months and already has 10k+ followers and has tweeted more than 8,000 times.

I said, “No thank you!” and immediately blocked this follower.

Then I threw back head and laughed and laughed and laughed at how naive we were in the old days!

I laughed at all the strange bedfellows we fell in with to defeat Communism after we were more than willing to let the Communists help us defeat the Nazis so we could come back to the US and keep the Blacks in line with our Nuremberg-flavored Jim Crow laws. (Oh! And remember when we armed the Taliban so the Reds wouldn’t fuck with our oil?)

I laughed at how hard The Manchurian Candidate made it look to get Russians in the positions of ultimate, Democracy-shattering power in the US.

Full disclosure: I didn’t really laugh. I just blocked that account, made a few screen shots, and started writing this blog post. And now it’s out of the way for another day and I can take a damned nap.