Everything Is Everything Else

Can’t decide if I want to make a blog entry or write a Citizen Jim Story* to talk about what all I’m pondering on this dreary Saturday. Such as:

  • the horrible weather (Tropical Storm Barry)
  • my new keyboard
  • the sliver of a new idea for a piece of fiction that keeps rubbing itself on the inside of my brain
  • my plans for a second stab at podcasting
  • maybe even something about how the song “Everything Is Everything Else” by The Galileo 7 (now playing on the Spotify play list I’m listening to right now [Jams Now on Repeat]) kind of puts me in mind of The Jam for split seconds
  • how all of the above kind of ties in with the idea of everything being everything else

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a proper blog post. But it’s also been a while since I’ve written a Citizen Jim story.

One isn’t any better than the other, though I do prefer having the wiggle room in relation to the truth that a Citizen Jim story affords me, the means of concealment I can grab and run with.

Indeed: the option of making everything into everything else.

And maybe this is as much of a blog post as I need to write at the moment.

You’ll know by the end of the day which way I’ve decided to roll.

* Postscript: The Citizen Jim story won out. Read “Killing Jim” right here.