Born on This Day: Louis, Duke of Burgundy

Today is the birthday of Louis, Duke of Burgundy, who was born in 1682 and died in 1712. Blah blah blah – born at Versailles, Louis XV’s dad – blah blah. Who cares?

I want to talk about something else that might seems but is not at all related to Le Petit Dauphin‘s birthday.

Now: have you ever seen the movie called The Duke of Burgundy? It has nothing to do with French history, or dead royals, or dukes, and not even burgundy, really. I count it among one of my most weird and surprising and really, really amazing movie experiences of the last ten years.

The photography is exquisite, almost retro but ultimately just somewhere out of time. The soundtrack is beautiful (and introduced me to the band Cat’s Eyes: wow), and the script is waaaaay, waaaaaaaay out there, so original compared to what is released on a regular basis these days that I cannot recommend it enough.

Full disclosure: The Duke of Burgundy is not “my kind of” movie. Seriously. I never imagined when I started watching it that it would be kind of funny, with such an interesting reveal – because movies these days don’t usually deliver that.

In short, I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did.

Even the opening titles were like nothing I’ve seen before, except maybe at the beginning of a BBC series based on some long-assed 19th century novel.  (Though maybe I just haven’t seen enough movies.)

By all means, watch it wherever and whenever you can. It’s not a repeat-viewer, but even if you only watch it once, and even if you don’t like it as much as I did, you’ll never forget it.