A Good French Conundrum

So something is happening in a couple days that is so wonderful that it’s terrible!

On August 28, Netflix will finally have season two of “The Good Place” to stream in its entirety. Season 1 was pretty impressive, and I am almost totally in love (actually, 2/3 sounds about right) with Kristen Bell, so this whole streaming-thing makes my toes tingle.

Also on August 28, French Exit, a new novel by Patrick Dewitt, will be released. Dewitt has written three other novels, all of which I have read, and from none of those can I pick a favorite: they are all so different and so, so damned good. Based on nothing but the New Yorker headline on a review of this latest effort (“The Stealth Absurdism of Patrick deWitt’s ‘French Exit'”), I have a feeling I am going to love this one, too.

Add to these two events the fact that I have one other event that is obsessing me at the moment and it’s hard to tell what my fate will be in the next few days. (The Other Event:  being balls-deep* into writing the first draft of my own novel [working title: Dinner at the Wonder Bar] [Not really; I just made that up] [But it’s not half bad, right? It actually kind of “goes” with the story – inside AND outside of it!] [Bob Ross isn’t the only person whose art can filled with Happy Accidents!].)

I guess I better hold onto my hat because this week could get pretty wild.

*: Just kidding about the balls! I’m a girl!

Kristen Bell of “The Good Place”

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